30 Jan

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The Best Ways To Place Ads On Your Site

Making money from your website is something that we always consider when we are launching one. Many websites have used ads as a method of making money all the time. Websites that receive a good amount of traffic will always make some money when they place ads on them.

According to research by InsightsOne, it has been proven that the majority of Americans will always ignore websites that show irrelevant ads. The Google ranking of your website is affected by the user experience on your site, which is also known to be affected by the irrelevant ads that you place on your site. Many people have always struggled to know how they can advertise on their site without affecting their ratings.

Popunder ads are becoming very popular in recent years. The popup ads are not effective anymore as many people will close them immediately once they show up. However, businesses are beginning to use the popunder advertising to get some income.

The advantage of the popunder advertising is that they open behind the user’s target browser. The ads are loved as they don’t destruct the visitor from using the site. The popunder ads are very lucrative as the user will get all the time he/she needs to read through the content.

Google is becoming stricter on the ads since the majority of the traffic is coming from mobile. If you want to get poor Google ratings, then you should misuse the pop ad placement.

Those who wish to get the best experience with their ads can target their audience. If a user is on S:CRAFT searching for shutters and an ad about weight loss appears, then this ad would be irrelevant. If you want to succeed, make sure that you target your audience.

You should also avoid tricking your visitors into clicking the ads. Sites that try this are the ones that use a fake “close” button on their ads. When the visitor clicks on the button, they are actually clicking on the ad.

When you use misleading terminologies and other restrictive nature to your content, then your users will have poor experience with your site. Poor ranking is translated by the poor experience that your clients get from your website.

If you want better ratings, then you must use better ads. Popunder ads have proven not to affect the rating of your website. Since they are not disruptive, they won’t result in diverging your viewers from your site. You can check out our website for more website management tips.

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